As a 360 ° consultant for mobile projects, I support companies and teams in building well-functioning teams for mobile development. Highly productive teams not only need a modern work culture, but also solid technical foundations, strategy and direction.

I look back on over 10 years of experience in mobile development, in which I was already active as a mobile game developer in the time before iOS and Android and recognized the potential of the smartphone revolution early on. Good mobile products and modern developments need a broad horizon. Since I could never make friends with the nerd Cliche, the technical specialist isolated deep in the basement, I have made this area my professional home.

I am constantly developing my strategic gaze and perspective under the influence of:

  • Software architecture
  • Software metrics
  • psychology
  • Teams
  • Team metrics
  • New Work
  • critical reflection on agile
  • UX / UI / Design / Man and Machine
  • entrepreneurship
  • Developer happiness
  • Scientific evaluation instead of “Hippo” (Highest Paid Persons’ Opinion)

Work of the future will take place less and less in rigid organizations and hierarchies and more and more by highly qualified individuals who organize themselves in suitable networks. Let’s network and work on it together.


I am active on these channels. Feel free to network with me!